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Garage Door Openers and Accessories

Living on the Sunshine Coast allow us the opportunity to live a beautiful lifestyle.
Here at Noosa Garage Doors, we understand how important convenience, safety and reliability are for your garage door.

Increase the convenience and safety of your garage door with one of our various B&D garage door openers and accessories. We supply a variety of different accessories to suit your specific garage needs, including cameras, auto-lock mechanisms, and smartphone controllers. Controlling your garage door has never been easier with Noosa Garage Doors. Browse below to learn more about our range.

Sectional Door Motors

B&D Smart Pro garage door opener

B&D’s top of the range Smart Pro garage door opener offers your home first-rate safety and security. Seamlessly integrating with your new door, or even with an existing garage door system, the Smart Pro features Auto-lock, smartphone control, an internal camera and wireless safety beams.

B&D Smart garage door opener

Make a smart decision for your home with a B&D Smart opener. Use your phone, or even just your voice through Siri or Google Home, to open and close your garage door. Never again will you get to work and try to recall if you clicked close! You can just open the app and double check.

B&D Secure garage door opener

The B&D Secure garage door opener offers all the essential features you need to protect your home and garage door. With smooth and reliable operation, the B&D Secure opener offers exceptional value.

Roller Door Motors

B&D Power Drive garage door opener

The Power Drive roller door motor is one of the most popular B&D products we offer for your roller garage door. These motors have compatibility with most residential doors, these openers are the perfect choice for your home.

B&D Roll-A-Pro garage door opener

The B&D Roll-A-Pro is the classic, secure, and affordable garage door opener that has all the essential features and reliability that B&D are known for.

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As the largest entrance to your home, the garage door plays a significant role in protecting your family and house. Garages are often the first target for intruders, so ensuring your garage is protected and safe is important!

The B&D Auto-lock is an advanced automatic locking bolt that has been specially designed to keep your home safe. The Auto-lock keeps your garage door locked securely shut, every single time. The heavy-duty bolt automatically engages when the garage door is closed, providing double the protection to your door.

Auto-Lock is available for both roller and sectional garage doors. For more information, contact our team today.

B&D Cameras

As the garage door often takes up most of the front facade of a home, it is important that you have complete control of who comes and goes from your home. That is where B&D cameras come in! These cameras seamlessly integrate with your existing B&D smart openers to help keep you and your family safe. B&D smart cameras can send automatic alerts to your phone, no matter where you are. With clear quality, night vision and movement/sound monitoring never miss a parcel or wonder if when the kids got home again!

Wireless Safety Beams

Adding wireless safety beams to your garage door bolsters safety and security, particularly if you have young children, bikes, cars, and other valuables in the garage door. An infra-red beam shines across the opening of the door and if it is broken whilst the door is closing, the garage door will automatically stop and reverse. Noosa Garage Doors recommends the use of this important safety feature on all our automatic garage doors.

Smart Phone Control Kit

Having the ability to control and monitor your garage door from your phone is a priceless tool to protect your home. A smartphone control kit allows you to control your garage door from anywhere in the world. So, if you are at work or away on holiday, you can grant access to the dog walker, cleaner, postman or your kids! Smart Phone Control Kits are available for both rolling and sectional garage doors. For more information, contact our team today.

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